Faster data connection on your mobile with Chippie

Faster data connection on your mobile with Chippie

Enjoy even faster data connection on your mobile device with LTE

Mobile data is a reality today and is growing fast! Customer’s demand towards mobile data have increased and having data access whenever and wherever they are has become a must have. Why not have a data connection that can support the same data behavior as at home or at the office while on the go? It is now possible!

Faster data connection
Chippie is introducing LTE data connection! LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is the purest form of the 4G technology. In short; LTE is a technical process for high speed data for mobile devices. With Chippie LTE your data experience will go to another level by providing you with the fastest mobile data connection available at the moment on the island. Download, stream and surf at ultra-fast speeds faster in the palm of your hands, as with LTE you can enjoy download speeds up to 16Mbps and upload speeds up to 3Mpbs.

Why go for Chippie data plan with LTE?

We can provide you with enough reasons to apply for a data plan with LTE! Just invest in an LTE mobile device and start enjoying high speed data today!

  • Faster downloads and uploads of video, music, pictures. Save time in everything you do on your mobile device.
  • Faster response on your applications. LTE is a simpler technology, therefore you will have a faster response on all your applications.
  • High data speeds while on the go! With the LTE plan you can watch high definition videos or listen to high quality music.
  • LTE is included in the premium data plans! NNo need to apply for expensive data plans to enjoy LTE speeds. With UTS, LTE speeds are automatically included in our premium data plans as long as you are in possession of an LTE device.
  • No restriction on applications! With our data plans you are free to use any applications without any restrictions.

What are the requirements of an LTE device?

The customer should be in possession of an LTE device that is compatible with our network. The frequencies of the device compatible with our network are:

  • 2G: 900 MHz/ 1800 MHz
  • 4G: 850 MHz/ 2100 MHz
  • LTE: 1800 MHz (band 3)

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