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standard-title Pinel Island

Pinel Island

Pinel Island is located on North East of St Maarten island. It is one of the most visited places in St Maarten. Pinel Island is considered one of the best snorkeling locations in St Maarten, too, and it is a paradise for kayakers and Standup Paddle board lovers. It is set in the heart of St Martin’s Marine Reserve and is accessible by ferry boat, kayak or Stand Up Paddle board from Cul-de-Sac, St Martin.
As the story goes, Captain Pinel, rejected from the island of Saba, came to Pinel Island to find refuge. A true story or a tall tale, it is simply a beautiful place to escape from the modern world.


Behind the main beach, you will find an untouched part of St Maarten. Follow the tiny trail and escape to the Northern side of Pinel Island. There, you will find a wild beach protected by a reef. It’s the kind of beach that makes you feel like Robinson Crusoe. You can reach it with a kayak by going through the channel between Pinel Island and St Maarten. You can feel truly quiet and at ease here. Note: Do not try it with a Stand Up Paddle board. It is too choppy.
Continue on the path. On the top of the hill you will find a fantastic view of the other islands… Caye Verte (Green Cay) in front of Orient Beach, St Barthelemy, Tintamarre, Anguilla and of course St Maarten. Just below, you can see the lagoon of the last beach…


Protected by a large reef, this last beach is a good place for snorkeling. The water is shallow and you will likely find lobsters hiding in little crevices in the rocks. You can also get to this beach via sea by kayak. It is not really easy to approach this beach with a Standup Paddle board because the sea is usually a little bit choppy on this side.