Simpson Bay on St Maarten Island Guide

Simpson Bay was the home of a Danish fishing community and for many years there was no bridge over the marshy area that allowed flow in and out of the lagoon. Today a large drawbridge opens six times a day to let mega-yachts into the Isla del Sol Marina and Princess Juliana Airport is next door. The area is ringed with hotels, casinos, and restaurants.

Simpson Bay Simpson Bay Beach is about two miles long and, for the most part, has little development. There are private homes and small hotels and guesthouses on the western part. The eastern part, also called Kimsha Beach, has several large hotels and timeshare complexes with considerable watersports activities. The calm bay and the dockage in the lagoon also attract charter boats.

Simpson Bay There is shopping, by the resorts and in several standalone facilities. As real people live in this area, one finds gas stations, supermarkets, doctors, etc. If you are staying in this area, you’ll find most everything you need, and probably within walking distance.

Simpson Bay