A long and traditional history

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Guavaberry

The Legend

It is the legendary folk liqueur of Sint Maarten / Saint Martin. It was first made here centuries ago in private homes. People made what they needed for family & friends. It became an integral part of local culture & tradition. Guavaberry is our national liqueur. It is a cherished symbol of the olden days. There are folk songs & stories about it.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Guavaberry

Sint Maarten
The National Liqueur

It is made from fine oak aged rum, cane sugar & wild Sint Maarten / Saint Martin Guavaberries. The fruit is found high in the warm hills in the centre of the island. They are rare. They are not at all like guavas. The aged liqueur has a woody, fruity, spicy, bitter-sweet flavour all of its own. The name “Guavaberry” is of Caribbean Amer-Indian origin.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Guavaberry

The Cultural

To the indigineous Sint Maartener, Guavaberry conjures up warm and treasured memories of the good old days. There are folk-songs and stories about it. Guavaberry is an integral and distinguishing feature of local culture, heritage and tradition, a point of pride, a symbol of Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, a living link to the past.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Guavaberry

Good Morning,
Good Morning…

“Good Morning, Good Morning, I come for me Guavaberry…” The host or hostess of each house would take the precious bottle from the cabinet and pour a little tot for the serenaders. These activities are most precious to those who remember them & they equate Guavaberry with everything that was unique & special & quiet about the island only one generation ago.


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